Rest Day (05.23.2009)

Rest Day (05.23.2009)
Thanks to everyone that came in early yesterday morning, it was a blast as usual to help everyone crush their WODs.

If it wasn't for all the help running WODs I wouldn't have been able to clean out Emily's shoe and clothing collection from my car and I was already stressed about being late to the judges meeting (Emily's pile of womanly things was awe inspiring). Thank you Don PePe, Bert, and Nick for all your help, Heidi even let me use her GPS over the weekend (this thing is sick! But I hate how it turns into Captain Demando once I reach a turn...)

I definitely made it on time and linked up with our guys immediately (Dr. Jenn was babysitting both Wes and Mike while all the alpha's concentrated on posturing, Dennis should be getting here tomorrow morning). There is no doubt that tomorrow's performances will be hellish, everyone was already breathing heavy in anticipation.
I will update the site tomorrow night with homework WOD #1, and include a play by play summary of the action that went down in the trenches.
Whew, what a day... the camera is charging, our athletes are counting bodies while they sleep, and Samy is going to finally go groom his beard.

Footnote: Jefe called and had nothing but insanely awesome things to tell me about the progress inside the new Stable, more details and updates tomorrow.

CrossFit Endurance WOD (05.23.2009)
Short Time Trial: Complete the time alloted for your chosen sport at maximal effort, score the total distance covered.  When you see more than one option for a given sport you are to choose the appropriate distance for your endurance event goals 
(Example: The 15 minute Time Trial option is for those training for ultra-marathons)
Swim: 8min
Bike: 15min
Run: 10min /12min /15min
C2: 8min


The Don said...

hey good luck to our men competing tomorrow, slay that shit

Bert said...

The wise Don Pepe has summed up all one could wish to say.

God bless and crush the WODs guys.

Also, on a side note, I am really glad today is a Rest Day. I've been playing a game of Risk since 10pm.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Guys! Heidi & Mark

Jennifer said...

The boys are doing well. The women this morning crushed their workout, I have plenty of pics to share! Jill, Katie & all the stable ladies I have yet to meet, this has been an inspiring morning - I am sure that next year Crossfit NH will be adding some highly competitive women to the field.

I'll be 'babysitting' all weekend and keeping an eye on Samy. Wes is on in less than an hour so we'll be heading back to cheer him on :)

Anonymous said...

the new box is inching closer and closer to completion. As of yesterday the Men's and Women's change rooms have been constructed and a new double door has been installed in the front of the gym. Our new gear is also in the process of getting delivered. So far two of our new concept 2 row machines have made it to their new home.


FoGLe said...

WHATS GOING ON!!!!!!!!!! FoGLe is out of the field for a few hours but is heading back until next thursday. Crossfit has me ripping around with my pack and full kit like an animal. I just hydrate the shit out of myself. I have only had a pull up bar to use for the last 2 weeks. Needless to say STU SMITH has visited me everyday in some sort of true pyramid fashion. I have shin splints in my forearms.... UNREAL! On a positive note i fired all my 203 rounds into a lake yesterday and re-created a scene from pirates of the carribean which motivated the shit out of me. YARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR