Skill Development/Rest Day (05.27.2009)

Skill Development/Rest Day (05.27.2009)
RJ has provided me with quite a bit of entertainment with his handstand  attempts against the wall, no one crashes and burns better. I finally started to feel some guilt (at least that's what my Mom explained the sensation as) and decided it's time to commence RJ's ninja training. Tomorrow we will be doing skill work and covering the basics of using "active recovery" so our athletes can revive their relationship with stairs on Rest Days.
Normal time, same crazy place if you'd like to come by and hang out upside down.
Even if you can't make it in for skill training I am going to start posting links and videos for proper progressive movements so you have the resources to scale and execute your own skill WOD. CrossFit Rest Day activities involve sports so go play kickball instead of you want, the point is to MOVE no matter how much it makes you feel like weeping. It will make that searing pain ease, I promise.
Pat Sherwood said it best, "We only get one hour to spend training you a day, you have 23 more to go F%#! everything up." 
Which basically is telling you to take advantage of the small things you can do which have powerful ramifications on your athletic progress. There are many things you can do to aid in recovery, and we will review several in the months to come, but for now let's make some money in the skills department at the same time. 
Resting and ninja skills, Everyone loves a Two-for.

Inversion Time Trial WOD (05.27.2009)
Invert your body for max amount of time in a 24 hour period.

The total time can be added up in multiple sets of whatever you can handle during the day. Below are links to videos from CrossFit HQ that cover safety and developmental progressions for doing things like HSPU's and hand walking (they also demonstrate some advanced abilities that are motivating to watch). 
Start slow and pay attention to the video lessons (scaling anything you need just like a WOD). 
Make a "Note To Self": If you feel like vomiting you are working too hard for a rest day.

CrossFit Library: Developing the Handstand
CrossFit Library: Introduction to the Headstand

Post total time accumulated in comments.


The Don said...

i love picture of miguel, there was much pain on everyones body that day.....

JoeG said...

i seriously wish it wasn't raining outside, i'd work on my slackline ninja skills, even so far as going up to manchester and the park. alas.

samy, is your buddy at HogTooth going to Atlanta this weekend? i might see him there!

back in college, i could walk 50 feet on my hands, but never managed going up stairs. maybe this year ;) [anybody can go "down" the stairs]


JoeG said...


can y'all explain more? and when are ice baths useful or are they just plain sadistic?

when (if never) to use heating pads, ice, ibuprofen, and other recovery methods; how to do personal PT to train to overcome injuries and other spot-issues?

these and many other things i'd like to know.


SRD said...

Joe: You will learn many methods soon, first you need to kill your virus. What's going on in Atlanta?

JoeG said...

logged about 3-4 minutes of inversions

did a headstand knees on elbows press to full headstand, held that for a minute, and reverse, without wall

Atlanta is host to Blade 2009 Convention