Enjoy Your Rest Day (05.19.2009)

Enjoy Your Rest Day (05.19.2009)

I. Welcome Notices

Monday was another awesome day for CrossFit New Hampshire's Stable as we had two new athletes come by to get their WOD on.  Debbie dropped in and crushed a three round met.con., the first of many as she prepares to dig in and train secretly so her daughters and husband can fear her wrath this coming holiday season.
Our other FNG is called Billy "The Gun" and jumped right into a class covering 5 of the 9 CrossFit Fundamental Movements before "sipping the cool-aid" with a brutal AMRAP. Both athletes picked everything up VERY well and we are looking forward to watching them excel over the coming months.
Welcome to the Family!

II. CrossFit Albany Posts the Northeast Regional Qualifier WODs for Saturday May 23rd
Below are the first two WODs that our athletes will be taking on in the Northeast Regional Qualifiers. They were announced on Monday with the standards of movement required for successful execution of the events. These two WODs will both take place on Saturday (May 23rd) and will be followed by another challenge on Sunday that has yet to be revealed.

As Many Rounds as Possible in 12 Minutes of:
5 Thrusters (Men 135lbs / Women 95lbs)
10 Burpees

Row 2000m for time

Rj's Phone wallpaper is suspect...

Quote of the week

Joe: "Yeah, back when I was also doing Magic."
All humans present: "What?"


Bert said...

I am also partial to RJ's great quote from the other day......

*while doing pullups*

RJ: "How many reps?"
Samy: "You've done 6."
RJ: "Fuck you!"

SRD said...

Hell yes, I was hoping I would hide that one til next week but since you blew up my spot...

haha I'm kidding. Awesome job today, it's sick that you are posting your scores dude. I'm starting to hate rest days because they are so anti climactic compared to having all you guys around.

Bert said...

Haha. Yeah I know man. This rest day is going to be crucial though; this afternoon was as The Don predicted, a bloodbath. I'm just looking forward to the madness that is going to ensue on Wednesday.

Its gonna suck to be gone for like a month when I leave for Wyoming though.

SRD said...

Don't sweat it, I'll hook you up with a sick affiliate out there and you can keep getting crazier by the day until you return to your true home in the new Stable. If you aren't near an affiliate out there it's not a big deal either, I will email you whatever you need, scaled WODs and creative spins are always an email or phone call away.
Just make sure to keep posting scores so I can have an idea of how you are doing and everyone else can still verbally poop on your face regardless of whether you are here or not haha.

JoeG said...

well, seriously, back in the day, i was an apprentice to a stage magician. i was ALSO subbing as a veterinarian's assistant, until computers and electronics took hold. thus is my career path as a techno-ninja ;)

don't get me started about some of y'all's antics this week ;)



Anonymous said...

Welcome Debbie and Bill!!!!!!! It's great to see new faces, which seems to be happening a lot lately.

On another note, that sure is a nice rose you have on your phone RJ.


Kevin O'Malley said...

Hey CFNH and Sammy, its Kevin from Vagabond CrossFit and hope everyone is doing well. I am glad to see how you guys are making huge progress and def want to get up there at some point. Thanks for all your help guys and the two months I was popping up there every weekend really helped me with creating workouts and seeing some great people. The garage gym is goin very well and my people are making huge gains. We have about 13 or 14 people in the first month and just taking it easy.I, myself, are full throttle into my race season. I am running a half on Sunday and will be running and full and 50 k during the summer. CFE has dones wonders for my running, but my glutes and hams are smoked everyday from technique training with Pose Running!! Great Job Guys and Keep up the Great Work

The Don said...

i need this rest day, i have a deep burn in my upper trapezoids

The Don said...

bert's picture looks like some one shot him and thats the way his corpse landed.

Mike Molloy said...

As excited as I am for the games, I'm almost more excited to get back to my usual training regimen and weekly trips down to the stable.

Great work with yesterday's WOD, it looked like a massacre.

SRD said...

Kevin, good luck on that 50k, you know you'll crush it. You've got to start coming up here to visit again, that way I can work and we can pick brains simultaneously.

Mike, I agree we miss having you around for the daily madness. Hopefully you guys get to start coming down to execute WODs in preparation for the CrossFit Games in Aromas, THAT would be some fun sh$t.

Anonymous said...

Rest Day......OR NOT!
Row 500m
30 bench press 95 lbs
Row 1000m
20 bench press 95 lbs
Row 2000m
10 bench press 95 lbs

21:something...I forgot to take a picture of my score today :(

Oh well, it still kicked ass


SRD said...

21:35 K-duckits