Rest Day/CFE WOD (05.31.2009)

Rest Day/CrossFit Endurance WOD (05.31.2009)
Time Trials
Cover as much distance as possible in each of the specified time intervals with your choice of:
Swim, Bike, Run, or Row (C2)
6:00 Time Trial x 3:00 rest
4:00 Time Trial x 2:00 rest
1:00 Time Trial x :30 rest
:30 Time Trial x :15 rest
:15 Time Trial x Done!

Post distances and totals to comments.

"Last Chance WODs" Update:
Two down, one to go... hell resumes tomorrow in a slightly more austere location (ok fine, a playground that can accomodate chest-2-bar pull-ups). 
Enjoy your weekend Rest Day and the nice weather, if anyone wants to join us for the WOD we will be in the park at 7:30 ready to kick this suck-fest off. 
Feel free to give me a call for directions and details, maybe Jefe will finally let me organize a game of Hoover Ball after?

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Jennifer said...

Hey Samy,
Thanks for an awesome weekend!