"Michael" Variation WOD (05.22.2009)

"Michael" Variation WOD (05.22.2009)
Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 x Goodmornings (45lbs)
50 x Abmat Sit-ups

Post times to comments.

CrossFit Endurance Rest Day

Stable's Weekend Schedule Reminder:
The Garage will be closed tomorrow afternoon through Sunday evening. 
We will resume our normal psychotic hours on Monday.

Good Luck to Wes, Mike M., and Dennis at the Northeast Regional Qualifiers for the CrossFit Games... go slay yourselves!


katie said...

Yikes, today was a hot one! Jess and RJ, thanks for being mote dogs. Yes Samy, I used the phrase mote dog. And sweet job splitting your pants!

K - 500 row, 15 box handstand push ups, 500 row, 15 box handstand push ups, 15 thrusters at 75 lbs, 15 jumping pull ups, 15 thrusters at 75 lbs, 15 jumping pull ups. 16:30

Jefe'- 23:46 RX

SRD said...

You also used the word Yikes which is nearly as unforgivable...and you leave my shorts alone! They are one more crumpled corpse in a mass grave of those we sacrifice in the name of CrossFit and elite fitness.

Mike Molloy said...

I think you mean 50 morning glories there Samy...

just kiddin katie :)

SRD said...

Footnote: Shorts ripped due to overzealous demo of the thruster

katie said...

yeah, morning glories are tough! haha! Go kick butt this weekend Mike M, Wes, and D! Can't wait to hear all about it!

wes hendricks said...

45 British American Blvd., Latham, New York, USA 12110

Thats the address of the hotel I am staying at if you still need a place to sleep. You got my number so call me when you get there. I am trying to leave NJ at 9 in the morning and I believe it is about a 3 hour drive

Kevin O'Malley said...

It's Kevin from Vagabond CrossFit, Good Luck to Mike M., Wes, and D. Have a great time and Kill It... Wish I could make it up there as I planned, but one of my races fell on the same day!!! Good Luck and Keep Working Hard!!

211 said...

just wanted to wish our boys the very very best. We are all extremely proud of you guys. Tear it up!!! Me and D have to work the holiday weekend but we will be getting the play by play from Samy. We're pulling for you guys all the way.

Todays God awful friggin nightmare of an experience as rx'd:

Be savage at all costs boys!

SRD said...

Quote of the Day from Mike:
"Samy, I think I'm going to go tits up."
Nice job dude, that's a sick score for a huge suckfest.

The Don said...

good luck men

Ranjith said...

Good luck Mike M., Wes, and Denis, am sure you guys will tear it up!!!

SRD said...

Well , Well, Well Mr. Raj who said the morning was too early to come in and train... looks like you are pretty functional at 610 you sandbagger you.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Mike, Wes, and Dennis.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to everyone the qualifier!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

500 row, 15 box handstand push ups, 500 row, 15 box handstand push ups, 15 thrusters at 75 lbs, 15 jumping pull ups, 15 thrusters at 75 lbs, 15 jumping pull ups

Good luck Mike, Wes, & Denis!


Ranjith said...

My old roomates facebook account was hacked and i was getting calls from other concerned friends...I logged in and the hackers said my roomate was in London and kidnapped and i said..I crossfit..they logged off..i guess they were $ scared..

Sammy i came to the gym at 7 AM..you were a no show, i called, i txted and i left a message on your bike....wat up son?

SRD said...

Damnit it dude, you told me you weren't coming in this morning. I was in the basement making sure I had enough clear underwear and unsplit shorts for the qualifiers.

Ranjith said...

no worries..i am going to try to do the workout....not sure about the good mornings since they kicked me out of my work gym so no 45 bar..the run alone will kill me...watever..it sucks like any other day's WOD..have fun

SRD said...

Sub in superman's if you have no bar... look here:

The Don said...

haahahahhahaha RJ said what up son!!!!!!!!! and I noticed sammie you replaced clean with clear, i loved it

Anonymous said...

Good luck in NY. Samy thanks for taking the time to torture us one more time before you left.
23:49 Heidi

Anonymous said...

Had to make a few subs used the gym at work:
Run .5miles 1.5 degree incline LF treadmill
50 Supermans
50 Military situps
3 rounds = 24.20

Bert said...

Good luck at the qualifiers gentlemen.


3 Rounds for Time:
800m Run
50 x Abmat Situps
50 x Good Mornings (25#)


Nicholas Wright said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicholas Wright said...

As Rx by Samy, 23.09, with a 45lb weight for the good mornings. And a good morning it was.
Natalie with the borked-up voicemail message is a friend of mine, and would like to come in with me sometime after 8am next Tuesday morning to try out Crossfit for the first time. Can she come over and play? Whatcha got for WOD times then?
Bert and The Don, thanks again for counting reps and providing motivation. I feel like today sucked less for it. See you all later.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! Looks like I missed a couple of juicy workouts while at camp with the kids. Don't think I missed out completely. I had to hike Cardigan in 90+ degree weather with about a dozen extra water bottles and PB & J supplies since some parents don't double check to make sure their child isn't going to die from heat exhaustion. Now I'm working on searching for ticks and spiders for time and "clearing" my laundry. Wanted to say good luck to Mike, Wes, and Denis, and to the beard for it's judging. Happy Memorial Day all! ~Jill

SRD said...

Hell yeah Nick, I felt terrible that we couldn't get back to her... I listened to that damn message 30 times afraid there was some CrossFitter orphan out there in need of a home.

Let me know when she wants to come in, the later in the afternoon the better as she would be able to meet our main crew, but if only 4am works then we will roll with it, dude. Talk to you soon.

Ranjith said...

As RX- 34:33..i am glad i finished the workout and survived..but i could clearly see the difference between working out in the garage with the family and working alone in a gym...