Mmmmm... Rest Day (05.11.2009)

Rest Day News
As I arrived in the Stable on Sunday I was pleasantly surprised to notice that a PePe of the Don variety had returned to nest once again for the summer season.  

Welcome back, Mr. Don PePe, you brutally murdered "Grace" yesterday and I feel like telling everyone... everyone seems to really love the pavement during their post-WOD coma experience.

II. Below is a video of Kent ripping out 20 Kipping Pull-ups, this madman couldn't do anything more than jumping pull-ups when he first came in. 
The time and dedication Kent has put into training is awe inspiring and everyone loves watching him crush his personal expectations of performance on a daily basis. 
The Stable wouldn't be what it is if athletes of this caliber didn't call it home.

III.CrossFit Games Preparation WOD:
We are still working out the details surrounding this coming weekend and the last preparatory WOD our Savages will sharpen their fangs on. Two weeks from today Wes, Mike, and Dennis will be in the trenches at the Northeast Regional Qualifiers for the CrossFit Games. The last time we ran a WOD to help our athletes ready themselves for armageddon we ended up running almost all of our athlete's through it and I hope next weekend ends in similar fashion.  There has definitely been some concern brought up about undertaking some insane WOD with only a week left before the primary events.  Rest assured that the training challenge we chose is something that fits well as a last big bang to go out on before spending the rest of the week resting and mentally preparing. 
That's all I am willing to say about it because I like the scent of fear mixed delicately with anxiety's soft fragrance.


The Don said...

Don Pepe` : Grace, 7:17

JoeG said...

woo! bucket-a kent! awesome with the kipping? you've been holding back that shit!

hope to rejoin the stable soon. sigh. another 10 hour coma to go.


Anonymous said...

Kent...amazing workout! I thought it was unreal when you did your first three pullups ever before the workout, then you ripped through the squats and finished the day with 20 ballistic pullups. I am glad Samy got that on tape.

Don Pepe... great to have you back for the summer. You ripped through Grace like you didn't miss a step. I am predicting unbelievable gains for you this summer.

K-tizzle...you are really molding yourself into a super competative crossfit athlete. Your clean and jerk today was flawless. Talk about the perfect blend of form and intensity.


SRD said...

Next your going to tell her you have a crush on her or something... keep it professional Jefe.

Oh wait, you guys are married.

Katie: Thank you for helping me proofread my essays last night, that was a huge help I'm pumped it's turned in.

Mike Molloy said...

Kent! That was friggin impressive dude!

Keep up the great effort, buddy. Big things are coming soon.

The Don said...

its boring really.....but its a part of my life!

katie said...

kent, your kips were unreal! you have been drinking muscle milk haven't you!?

jefe', sweet back squats and man thighs! you were so close to 325!

the donn, your endurance was amazing! i mean, i know it's part of your life, but wow!

and samy, you will pass that test with fying colors...it is quite evident that you now what your talking about!

thanks everyone!
7:40 at 85#

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of the kudos everyone!! Although, now that my secret is out I think Samy will have a new level of pain...hmmmm maybe I should have kept it a secret a while longer........